Privacy Policy

Before we illustrate the privacy policy of the, we ought to understand the term privacy policy in common.

Privacy policy or in other words secrecy can be defined as a text file or page that contains the basic information about your site and how your site possesses customers’ personal information.

Our website privacy policy:

Privacy policy answers the questions of how the OnlinePhotoLab assemble to interpret and conserve the information gathered by the users. Such policies are the parts of any presented system like Photoshop and OnlinePhotoLab .

Why is it important?

The privacy policy is very important for our tool in order to well aware of our customers about how do we collect information and how are they allowed to use our website or system. Here our privacy policy specifies how we gathered information from the users and to be followed or denied.

The following are the ways that we adopted as our privacy policy.

Personal identification information (PII)

The clients or the users’ personal information could be gathered in a number of ways, but are not that hard.

Personal identification information is the one which we too should require from a user in order to keep him/her on the site. This personal information could be a person’s name, email, etc. The user will have to scan and examined our site while providing information. The user can either provide data or can ignore it but in case of not providing the relevant data, the user may be missing some of the site’s rapidity.

Non-personal identification information

This kind of information is the one that is not concerned with the user’s itself. But this sort of information is basically dealt with what the user’s uses by accessing our site. In this phase, the required information is which browser the user uses, what type of window is being used, or anything like that. By keeping the non-personal identification information at our platform, our site will have more reliability because of knowing the fact that our system is being accessed by different platforms. Therefore, changes can easily be adjusted.

Use of web browser cookies

Our site uses cookies on the user’s web browser for the purpose of identifying the user on the website. This could also be for the aim to keep the user logged in, cookies also help in tracking what sort of pages has the user already accessed and searched. Cookies are really helpful when you left something incomplete on the site and came back it would not be destroyed you would still be able to accomplish your incomplete task.

What if it does not use cookies?

In case of not having cookies policy for any single site, the website will not have that much acceptance compared to the one which uses it. If we were not used to it, then our site will miss some of the functions to facilitate the incoming users like a user would have to log in again and again by accessing our site and the acceptability of the site would have been reduced.

Your information stays harmless

We collect user’s personal data or any other kind of information by using considerable strategies about processing and executing a user’s provided data. A user must not worry about the frequent challenges which may happen while playing with an online tool, so don’t worry your core information will stay harmless on our site from unlicensed and impermissible users.

Why do we collect information?

The OnlinePhotoLab tends to gather information for the following purposes or at least one of the given.

  1. To enhance customer’s Assistance.

    The delivered information by the user helps our team to decide and to answer the user’s particular request according to its expectation.

  2. To promote user’s involvement

    One of the aims of gathering information is to understand how our site and other resources are being used by the number of groups present on the site.

  3. For sending Emails

    This is obvious if a user use a site he/she must need information at different intervals of time, to provide that relevant info on time we requires Email address as a personal information of the user.

  4. To upgrade our platform

    One of the secrets behind a successful website is user’s response, keeping in mind that we collect info from a user in order to promote our site and to make the relevant changes if required. This will only be possible if we have users’ link by using their information.

Indirect or third party websites

Once a user accessed into the site, the user may experience commercial content on our site which means that the user will be brought to another platform by clicking on it. These contents could be from our own team like; suppliers, advertisers, or any other third parties. This cannot be controlled by us and this has also to be noted that such practices employed either on our site or from our site should not be linked with our responsibility.

Google AdSense

Most of the time number of cookies is being provided by Google this kind of cookies is enabled to assign ads for the ones who visit on the site. These particular cookies are called DART cookies, such sort of cookies use no personal information.

Modification in policy

This privacy may be changed with the passage of time because of change in requirements, and even if we do changes our policies you will be kept aware of any changes. You will be notified about the changes at the end of this page. So in order to be updated this must be your duty to keep in touch with our site.

How to reach us?

You may join us in any of the following ways if you have any misconceptions about this policy.

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